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Looking for a Serum? Suit Yourself!

From made-to-order to multitasking, there’s a serum for your skin.
What is a Facial Serum Skincare Library

There’s no secret your skin needs a serum. Sure, their apothecary neat-and-orderly bottles are a little like Clark Kent. But once tincture meets skin, Superman powers are exposed to save us from dullness, dark spots, dehydration, and breakouts. (Which is why you need one, now.)

Whether you’re a skincare novice or expert status, here’s everything you need to know about serums.

When should I use a serum?
Serums nestle nicely into your routine after you cleanse or exfoliate. Why? Because cleansing and exfoliating helps sweep away dirt and dead surface skin cells. This clears the way for serums to do their best work on fresher skin cells.

What is a serum used for?
Like genies in a bottle, serums are ready to grant your biggest skin wish. Need hydration? Search for a serum with hyaluronic acid. Breakouts an issue? Invest in a salicylic acid serum. Serums are great for targeting dark spots, too, as they contain high concentrations of ingredients like vitamin C and glycolic acid that work together for more even-toned skin.

How do I choose a facial serum?
Choose a facial serum based on what your skin needs each day—meaning you might need more than one in your arsenal. Or, look for a serum that has multiple ingredients. Many serums contain concentrates that work together for multiple benefits in one step.

When it comes to everything you need to know about serums, take texture into account. Serums range from water-thin to gel-like thickness. If you don’t like how it feels, you won’t wear it—and that defeats the purpose of your investment.

Can I mix serums with my other skincare products?
Yes! Serums usually blend nicely into moisturizers. Create a double or triple threat by layering serums on your skin (working from thinnest to thickest).

Are serums complicated (aka, can a novice use one)?
No skincare expert credentials are needed. Serums are as straightforward in use as a cleanser or a moisturizer.

Should I commit to just one?
That’s for you to decide (especially now that you’re on your way to knowing everything you need to know about serums). Many serums have clinically proven results that depend on consistency of usage. Read the directions or reach out to us in our Virtual Skin Clinic for free, expert advice on best practices for serum use.

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