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Are You Doing Summer Skincare All Wrong?

Are You Doing Summer Skincare All Wrong?

Potentially... but here’s five ways to fix it.
Update Your Skincare Routine for the Summer Skincare Library

Summer is synonymous with beach days, BBQs and heat waves. It should also be synonymous with swapping out your winter skincare routine. What you do for skin in cold weather probably won’t cut it during the hot, skin-baring months of summer. To get your skincare routine on point, follow these six summer skincare routine tips.

Swap to a lighter cleanser
Dry skin triggered by cold winter temperatures can benefit from a super emollient, creamy cleanser. But this might be too much for skin when hot days dial up humidity and increase oil and shine. Swap to a lightweight gel or foaming cleanser to set the stage for your lightweight summer skincare routine.

Pick a gel moisturizer
While the winter months call for heavy-duty creams and lotions, your summer skincare routine is in need of lighter weight moisturizers that won’t weigh down your skin. Gel moisturizers, like Nutrient-Charged Water Gel or Clarifying Oil-Free Water Gel, are both water-light moisturizers with a gel texture that not only hydrate the skin, but also feel super refreshing in the heat.

Use a Vitamin C serum
Summer equals more time spent outdoors and that can dial up the appearance of dark spots. Keep them in check with a vitamin C serum. Vitamin C helps minimize the look of hyperpigmentation and boosts skin’s radiance for a natural summer glow.

And, you’ll get bonus if your serum contains glycolic acid. This will help exfoliate away dead skin cells so your serum can work better. But never use glycolic acid without a morning dose of SPF, as glycolic can make your skin sensitive to UV light.

Choose multitasking SPFs
Sunscreen isn’t just a summer skincare essential, it’s a year-round essential. It’s one of the greatest defenses against harmful UV rays that can cause fine lines, wrinkles and other types of sun damage. Your skin care routine for hot weather might benefit from a moisturizer with an SPF. This helps prevent unnecessary layering of products that can weigh down skin during summer months.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
It’s not a product in your summer skincare routine, per se, but eating your water to stay hydrated is an essential part of any summer skincare routine. Staying hydrated with water-rich foods like watermelon, spinach, and strawberries will help you and your skin weather hotter days.

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