Targeted Eye Depuffer

  • 0.5 FL. OZ.
Eye-awakening, microcurrent-inspired treatment visibly depuffs and firms with every use—and tightens over time for lasting results (only when applied properly)

  • Features a microcurrent-inspired peptide that helps deliver a firmer, tighter look with every use (when applied properly)
  • A toning trio of ginseng, lily and caffeine complements our unique amino acid peptide to help visibly reduce under-eye bag intensity over time
  • A light-reflecting complex immediately illuminates to wake up tired eyes as the special cooling metal applicator helps massage away puffiness
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With every use, visibly depuffs and firms eye area—and tightens over time for lasting results


Must be gently tapped around eyes (not rubbed in!) to see instant results

You love the instant toning and brightening effects of an eye depuffing treatment. Now imagine if those results could play the long game. Enter in this multi-action eye treatment that instantly brightens and cools—and over time, visibly tightens, tones and depuffs for lasting results. A little goes a long way: Follow the step by step to apply properly for results

Which skin type is it good for?
  • Balanced
  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination

They Work Overtime for Long-Term Results, Too

@abis_skincare has tips for her fellow big-pore (and puffy-eyed) friends: Use Targeted Pore Corrector to erase the look of pores instantly, and Targeted Eye Depuffer to brighten and depuff eyes

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  • 2023 Sept Targeted Eye Depuffer B&A 2

Unretouched Real Results

  • With every use, visibly depuffs and firms eye area—and tightens over time for lasting results
  • Instantly brightens puffy, fatigued eyes
  • Instantly cools for an awakened, well-rested look

Expert, science-backed ingredients and patented technologies


With every use, visibly depuffs and firms eye area—and tightens over time for lasting results


To Use: AM and PM

  • 418951_TargetedEyeDepuffer_HowTo_1
    Step 1

    Massage Essential-C Cleanser over dampened face, neck and closed eyes. Rinse and pat dry.

  • 418951_TargetedEyeDepuffer_HowTo_2
    Step 2

    Gently squeeze out the tiniest amount of Targeted Eye Depuffer, tap all around the eyes (including eye lids) and gently massage with cooling applicator tip. Dab excess into skin with fingertip. Let dry completely before applying moisturizer or SPF.

  • 418951_TargetedEyeDepuffer_HowTo_3
    Step 3

    Massage a Murad moisturizer over face, neck and chest. Follow with a sunscreen during the day.


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